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Homework - 02.10.2020

 Good afternoon Year Six,

Your first month in Year Six has passed and what an eventful one it has been. I can not tell you how much I have enjoyed having you back in school this week. I really did miss you and the wonderful conversations we have. You continue to impress me with the quality of your work and your eagerness to learn. Your instructional writing, on Tuesday morning, blew me away, as has your maths work this week.  Let's keep building on this fantastic start. 

Here is this week's homework. As it is Sukkot this weekend, I have provided a lighter load than normal to allow you time to enjoy this wonderful festival. 


I have attached the handwriting sheet we complete in the classroom. For each word, you need to copy the word in your neatest cursive handwriting, find the definition and write it in a sentence. You do not need to print this sheet as you can write the words, definitions and sentences in your homework book. Make sure your sentences are of a Year Six standard, with more adventurous vocabulary and structures, and they are correctly punctuated. 

I have included two sheets: the first with the 'ent' adjectives to 'ence/ency' nouns should be completed by all but two children in the class and the second sheet with 'ear' words by those who usually have alternative spellings provided.


This week, I am trying out a new resource for reading. Oxford Owl have a series of E-books you can access online, free of charge. The books also have questions for you to think about while you read, after you have read and a quick quiz. 

I have created a class login for you all to use. Look for the 'My Class Login' button at the top of the page. Enter the following details: 


MrsSmyth (make sure you use capital letters and no space)

Use the link below to access the book 'Double Exposure' by Gillian Philip. 


When you have read the book, answer the questions in your homework book. Think about the level of detail required from you as a Year Six reader. Include evidence from the text to back up your answer. Make sure you read some of the book to an adult or older sibling as it is important to practise your fluency skills too. 

We will explore your responses to the text next Thursday. 

Use the link below to take you to the home page for Oxford Owl where you can explore all the wonderful activities they offer.



You must log on to Times Table Rock Stars for at least 15 minutes this week. It is vitally important you learn your times tables as it will help you to achieve more in so many areas of maths. Speed and fluency is vital too, so even if you think you know them, you can always work on increasing your number of correct answers per minute.

To compliment the work we completed in class this week, I have attached a worksheet from Twinkl on solving addition and subtraction problems. There are three versions included, so pick the one you think best suits your ability. I expect most people in the class to complete the two star sheet but if this is too challenging then try the one star or if you want a challenge then have a go at the three star questions.

If you usually complete the alternative maths activities in class, then there is another worksheet below with two-step addition and subtraction word problems.

All working out should be written in your maths homework book. There are answers attached for you to self assess your own learning, perhaps with an adult or older sibling too. 

Ivrit and RE

Don't forget to keep an eye out for homework from Mrs Halter, Mrs Cohen and Mrs Hensman. Their work can be completed in the back of your homework book.

Remember: an adult should make a coment in your planner in the subjects box as to how you got on with your homework. Spellings and reading in the English box, TTRS and maths in the Maths box and RE or IVRIT in the others box. General and pastoral comments can be written in the parent comment box on the opposite page.

Have a great weekend. I will see you Monday for another busy and fun week in Year Six. Don't forget your swimming kits.

Take care and be safe.

Mrs Smyth

PS: Let me know what you think about the new layout of this blog page as I have experimented with a way to make the tasks easier for you to find.  

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