Hi Year One 31.3.20

Hi year One, 

 I hope you are all well and happy. This is second week that your adults have changed place with me. I'm sure you are all doing your school work or at least something educational. I've sent this picture  of a hopscotch for you to copy in your garden or on kitchen tiles. etc. I know you all know how to play hopscotch because you were shown at the Black Country Museum, all except Thomas. What I would like you to do is to play the game, then to use it as a way of learning your numbers 

  1. 1. times tables
  2. 2 number bonds
  3. 3 throw 2 or 3 numbers and add or times
  4. 4 double numbers

Thank you for the messages and pictures of work you've completed.

Flash says, 'Can you sing Head Shoulders Knees and Toes and do the actions'.

Love Mrs Mann xx    

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Friday, 27 November 2020