Goodbye Nursery

Dear Nursery,

This year has flown by but has been a different year for us all. We have missed welcoming most of you into Nursery since lockdown but we are looking forward to seeing you, in your new uniforms, in September. In September, we are hoping to continue to have an Early Years unit on a Friday so we can watch you all grow and develop. We are so proud of all of your achievements. 

Have a wonderful summer break,
Mrs Poole and Mrs Byrne.   

 In March we had to say goodbye,

Online activities we would try.

How we've missed your happy face,

It's not the same, we miss our place. 

You've grown so much since you were here,

We can't believe it's been a year!

Now you are moving up to Reception

Ready for learning and so much fun.

So spread your wings, you're ready to fly,

Take every chance, don't be scared to try.

For into the world you go from here,

We'll be waving you off with a great big cheer.

Good luck Nursery 2019-2020, we will see you in September

Goodbye Year Six!
Farewell and good luck, Year One!


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Sunday, 25 October 2020