Friday's work and homework

Good morning Year Six,

What a change for you all! Despite the circumstances, it was lovely to speak to so many of your families last night. I will be phoning you all, early next week, to check you are ok so keep an eye out for a call from school. 

I was so looking forward to working with you today to create the display in the corridor outside our classroom. I have attached much of the work we were going to complete together. I would like you to write a set of instructions for making our honey cakes, including a review and advice for anyone who would want to make them in the future, perhaps for this weekend. Have a look at the PowerPoint slides on how to write effective instructions, and the example set of instructions for ideas. You can type these and email them to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so I can print them out or write them in your neatest cursive handwriting ready for display. 

Here are the quantities of the ingredients we used:

100g caster sugar

125ml honey

60ml vegetable oil

2 eggs

125ml orange juice

150g self-raising flour

1 teaspoon baking powder (extra fluffy)

shake or two of ground cinnamon

pinch ground ginger

Think about the information I provided about the ingredients and the methods used as they will help you to write top tips and advice. 

Here is this week's homework:


I have attached the handwriting sheet we complete in the classroom. For each word, you need to copy the word in your neatest cursive handwriting, find the definition and write it in a sentence. You do not need to print this sheet as you can write the words, definitions and sentences in the book I provided yesterday. I have included two sheets: the first with the homophones should be completed by all but two children in the class and the second sheet by those who usually have alternative spellings provided.


This week, I would like you to read a book at home and write a book review. I have provided a template for you to use, or you can write you own in your homework book using the checklist below. 


I am so impressed with the improvement seen in your scores on Times Table Rock Stars. All of you have now logged in since the start of the school year. A huge well done to Laiba and Shalom who have been using the site this morning! Ten housepoints to you! 

You must log on to Times Table Rock Stars for at least 15 minutes this week. It is vitally important you learn your times tables as it will help you to achieve more in so many areas of maths. Speed and fluency is vital too, so even if you think you know them, you can always work on increasing your number of correct answers per minute.

Ivrit and RE

Don't forget to keep an eye out for homework from Mrs Halter, Mrs Cohen and Mrs Hensman. Their work can be completed in the back of your homework book.

Remember: an adult should make a coment in your planner in the subjects box as to how you got on with your homework. Spellings and reading in the English box, TTRS and maths in the Maths box and RE or IVRIT in the others box. General and pastoral comments can be written in the parent comment box on the opposite page.

If you have any problems gaining access to this work, get in touch with the school and we will see what we can do to help. I will be blogging more work, in the style of the lockdown period on Monday and Wednesday for you to complete. It is important for you to remain in a routine so make sure you are up, dressed and working by 9am every day next week. It is Friday today, so don't forget to reward yourself with some Golden Time later today. 

Enjoy the weekend. Have a very sweet and happy Rosh Hashanah.

Take care and be safe.

Mrs Smyth 

Year 1 Homework
Weekly Highlights and Homework 18.9.20


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