Food Glorious Food (colouring)!

Hello children and grown ups

Today I want to share some ideas for getting creative around the weeks theme of food.  Monday's blog included so many great ideas for play with food.  In my house food colouring has been a huge feature in encouraging my little ones.  

rainbow cakes!
experimenting with diluted food colouring, pipettes and cotton wool pads.

We made rainbow rice by soaking uncooked rice in diluted food colouring for an hour then letting it dry over night or in the sun. We loved writing words and drawing shapes in the rainbow rice. Even my baby was able to join in.  

 We have missed a lot of spelling tests haven't we. Lets do one this week. Remember the tricky words? Why are they tricky? 

That's right, they don't play by the rules of phonics so we just have to memorise what they look like. I have attached the tricky words in the form of flash cards below but you don't need to print them.  Ask a grown up or older sibling to test you.  You can write the answer in food like flour, rice (rainbow or otherwise), lentils, yogurt..... anything else you can think of.   Phase 1 and 2 (orange and purple) are the ones we look at in reception but some of you might like to challenge yourself further.  

Good luck and don't forget to email us with how you do.  

Ready ... Steady... 

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Wednesday, 15 July 2020