Farewell and good luck, Year One!

Dear Year One,  

I hope you are all happy, healthy and being really well behaved for your adults. What a funny year it has been!! In September you all came to Year One either excited or a bit worried - that included me. I soon realised what an exceptional year group you are. We've had lots of fun and lots of hard work. 

The class went with Mrs Hensman and Miss Holland on that fantastic trip to The Toy Museum at Cannock Chase, where you learnt about toys and games in the past. Our class assembly about toys was great - I loved it when you all pretended to be robots!  

Then I went missing for 4 weeks doing Jury Service. I know some of you have been back in school and others haven't, you all need to be back in September ready for the fun and learning you'll be doing with Miss Hussain.  

I have been quite poorly but the special medicine that the doctors are giving me will enable me to come back to school after Chanukkah.   

Good luck in Year Two   

Lots of love   

Mrs Mann xx 

Goodbye Nursery
I Know My Alef Bet


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Wednesday, 23 September 2020