Change for Life

​The coronavirus has meant life has been different in many ways for all of us.  One positive thing that has come out of it is the emphasis on keeping fit and healthy even if we need to stay home.  At school we are keen to keep up the early morning  daily exercise into next year.  It wakes up our body and mind.  Our heartbeat quickens, our bloody pumps oxygen around the body making us sharp and able to focus.  We have seen first-hand the difference it has made to the children's concentration.

I was asked by a child in Reception today if it is possible to be too fit?  We discussed how fitness is a journey and a progression.  We talked about why we do sports.  Is it to win?  Or is it to enjoy being with our our friends and family and to get a little bit better as something one day at a time.  

Change for Life is an amazing resource for ideas about how to improve our diet though food choices.  The website has loads of ideas about getting active and has suggestions for getting moving at home too.  

Parks and many more things are open now.  Stay safe and alert.  Wash your hands.

Mrs Walker and Mrs Scott

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Wednesday, 23 September 2020