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Modern foreign languages - intent, implementation and impact statement

The Modern Foreign Languages curriculum at King David School - what are our aims, how do we seek to achieve them, and how do we measure our success? .   Download PDF File Here

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Hebrew Numbers (Year 3)

​Shalom Kita Gimmel, During the last couple of weeks we have been learning how to count in Hebrew from 1-10. I attached a song and a worksheet to help you practice it at home as well.  Have fun. Mrs Hensman    Download PDF File Here

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Reception Hebrew Reading work

Dear children, What a fun lesson we had today at school, learning all about the letter vet and the difference between Bet and vet and what they say!! Please watch the video below and practice the difference between the two letters.

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The Hebrew letters

 Shalom Yeladim, I was delighted to meet you all and you have worked so hard during last lesson-well done! This term we will be learning how to read and write Hebrew letters, primary colours, new vocabulary and a song!  During this week we will look at the the letter Aleph (א), the colour red (Adom) and begin to learn the words and action...

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I Know My Alef Bet

​We am most impressed how well children have progressed and remembered their Hebrew reading! When you miss us over the summer, come back to this blog and sing along with our Alef Bet song and have a go at some reading!! we look forward to hearing all about it when we are back in September!   Download PDF File Here   Downloa...

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It's the summer holiday!

Shalom Yeladim, This is my last blog for this year. Enjoy the variety of activities related to summer (Kayitz) in Ivrit. Do you like Sudoko? How about find your way out of the trail by placing the letters in alphabetical order? Can you do it by memory?   I am incredibly excited to see you all again in September and I hope you are too. Have a f...

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It's the summer holiday!

Shalom Yeladim, This is my last blog for this year.  Please enjoy a variety of activities related to summer (Kayitz) in Ivrit. I am incredibly excited to see you all again in September and I hope you are too. Have a fantastic summer! Mrs Hensman   Download PDF File Here   Download PDF File Here

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Year 2 - Family

Shalom kita Bet,  This week I would like you learn the members of the family in Hebrew using the clip below AND the clip on Ivritbeclik website. Then enjoy creating your own family tree by copying the words correctly. Have fun and don't forget to send me your beautiful work! - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    Download PDF File Here

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Year 4 - My classroom

Shalom Yeladin, During our lesson we revised colours and converting nouns from singular to plural to create short phrases. 1) Revise the colours using the chart and complete work on pages 2 and 4 ONLY.2) Read  and understand the rules when converting nouns  3) Read the nouns on the flash cards and convert to plural. Please remember that t...

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Year 1 Ivrit Blog

Shalom Kita Aleph, I hope you have had a wonderful weekend. In the next few weeks, we will continue to review the Hebrew letters,colours and vocabulary.  The letters that you should revise are: Letter Zayin (z) ,Chet and Tet (t).  If you require further instructions of how to use the booklet or wish to share your beaut...

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Year 5 - Pronoun Revision

​For example: אֲנִי רוֹצֶה לֶאֱכוֹל פִּיתָּה עִם גְּבִינָה וּמְלָפְפוֹן (singular) אֲנַחְנוּ רוֹצִים לֶאֱכוֹל פִּיצָּה עִם סָלָט (plural) ​We are learning how to vary our sentences using singular and plural pronouns,nouns and adjectives based on our picnic topic.  If you have any questions or wish to send me your work please don't hesitat...

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IvritBeclick new log-in details

​Shalom Yeladim, I hope you are having a fabulous week so far. I was delighted to receive your work and thank you to everyone who has shared their home learning with me.  We have been given a great opportunity to carry on practising Ivrit using the Ivritbeclick website. It is a fun and interactive way which covers all the topics we have l...

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YEAR 3 NEW TOPIC- Food and Drink

This week in ivrit we will be learning about food and drinks.  TASK 1 - Have a discussion about food and drink in general, and specifically about food and drink in Israel. What do children believe people eat and drink in Israel? Are meals the same? Are they familiar with any foods that they believe are "Israeli" food? TASK 2 - Watch the c...

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NEW TOPIC - Appearance

Shalom Kita Vav, On Monday we will revise colours and learning about body parts and appearance.  Adjectives to learn: Ka/ta/n - Small  Ga/dol - Big  Sha/men - Fat Ra/ze - Thin Ga/vo/a - Tall Na/mu/ch - Short   Task - Can you describe the clown using different nouns and adjective?. For example - אוזניים צהובות (yel...

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Aleph Bet book

 Shalom Reception, We had a great start last week during Ivrit lesson revising the letters Aleph and bet by creating a 'Sefer Aleph bet' (Aleph bet book). This book will help reinforce letter-sound recognition in a fun and create way! During the next couple of weeks we will be looking at letters Aleph -Yud.  Materials Neede...

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Numbers activities

,שָׁלוֹם יְלָדִים  I hope you had a nice weekend!  Following my previous post I would like you to complete at least two different activities and email it to me if possible please.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. If you have any questions please ask.  Have fun! Mrs Hensman   Download PDF File Here

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Greetings activity

Shalom Year 2, Following my previous post about greetings in Hebrew I am posting a related activity. Please complete the first page but if you are feeling confident you can try the second and third activities.   If you have any question or you would like to show me your work please email it to me.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.....

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Instructions for IvritBeclick website

Here is a reminder how to navigate through the website. Don't forget to email me your work. Good luck and have fun! Mrs Hensman   Download PDF File Here Enter your text here ...

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Greetings in Hebrew

​Shalom Kita Bet, I hope you are keeping well.  This term we will be looking at greetings and family in Ivrit.  Please use the word mat to help you learn the greetings as well as the song and a clip. You can also find flash cards, interactive activities and a clip on Ivritbeclick  web site.  Link to the unit:...

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Happy 72nd birthday Israel!

Shalom Yeladim,   On Wednesday 29/04/20 we will be celebrating Israel's 72 birthday. Israelis and Jewish families around the world will decorate their homes, cars and streets with Israeli flags and banners. Some say special prayers on this day, thanking God for gathering back the people of Israel to this tiny yet powerful country. In...

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