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Rosa Parks...

​This October, as part of Black History Month we have been learning about Rosa Parks. Children role played the scene on the bus and discussed how they would feel if they had to give up their seat based on the colour of their skin. Can you remember some of the adjectives you used to describe your emotions? Miss Hussain :-)

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UKRO Festival of Rescue!

Today Year 2 had a FUN packed day at UKRO Festival of Rescue! Children learnt so much about firefighters and the many different roles they have. We started our journey on the 50 Bus into Birmingham city centre. Can you remember the safety rules when travelling on a bus? As we arrived, we were greeted and guided by a school liaison officer who ...

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Parents termly letter - Year One - Summer 2022

​Useful information for Year One parents, as we begin the Summer term .  .  .   Download PDF File Here

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Year 1 - Anti-bullying week!

Be a buddy not a bully! We learnt about what bullying is and how it can make others feel. We also thought about what makes a good friend.  Our new slogan in Year 1 is "Be a buddy not a bully!" 

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Free fun activities this summer

Teamworks Karting is proud to support Birmingham Children's Trust this Summer with a spectacular series of FREE events every weekday morning 9.00-12.30pm, 2nd-27th August .Please see the flyer below for details of this exciting opportunity open to all King David children, while priority will be given to families whose lives have been disrupted and ...

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End of Year Concert

The end of term is nearly here. What a year it has been.   We are so proud of this group of children and the resilience they have shown.  They are keen learners and kind and thoughtful to each other.  This class have been incredibly rewarding to teach and Mrs Hensman, Mrs Davis and I will miss them very much. We also thank ...

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Celebrating Our Work At Home

We love seeing your lovely work and photos. Please continue to share but now through google classrooms. 

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Helping Your Child Build Self-Belief

​Recently I read a book by a well known  American psychologist who did extensive research on the mental and emotional wellbeing of children. Based on his own unhappy childhood experiences, he realised that anxiety, low mood and ongoing pressures stood as barriers to his learning. It makes perfect sense that a child who is continuously wor...

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Happy Half Term

Hello again Reception children, Parents and Carers It's half term already and after such a busy few weeks I want you all to get some rest and have fun in your holiday. I am sharing some ideas for activities in the holiday around this week's theme of colour and autumn. Share photos or messages with me in the usual way but after half term we are movi...

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Reception Learns the Letter Hey!!

Hello Happy people, Today in Reception we learned the letter Hey. Hey says 'H' as in Happy! in fact, Hey laught all the time... hhhhhh-hey! The video below explains that the hey has a half a leg and all his friends helped him be included in the game. Please watch it and review the hey's special song

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Black History Month

Imagine loving art but not being allowed to visit an art gallery because of the colour of your skin.  Then at the age of 80 having your first solo exhibition and later having your art work hanging in the White House.  This is the story of Alma Thomas.   Alma believed that creative art was "independent of age, race and nationalit...

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Reception homework tasks

Hello Reception This week we have been exploring the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears.You should be able to tell the story to your family at home using some of the words from the story (and don't forget the voices). Tell your adult why you made Goldilocks a wanted poster. In Maths we have been ordering and sorting objects by size and ...

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Story of the Portion of the Week - Creation

Enjoy one of the most fascinating parshiot in the Torah - Learn  how we are all truly one family!!    Download PDF File Here

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Reception, Let us Review the Letter Daled

​Meet the our Darling, Dotty, Dalmatian, Daniel, Daled!!

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Home Reading for Reception

 Good morning Reception The theme of the week was joy. Mrs Hensman, Mrs Davis and I are so proud of how you have worked and behaved this week. You have made us very happy and I hope you have enjoyed the activities we planned for you. It is another festival weekend so I will not be setting a great deal of homework. I would like to share your cl...

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Today the children displayed their emotional maturity by listing what and who makes them feel happy.  I wanted to share this with you as their loving, kind and selfless nature has made me so happy today.   Things that make us happy: Hugs and cuddles Kisses Seeing our family and friends Going to restaurants Going somewh...

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Reception, Lets Learn the Letter Gimmel

 Children, This week we will be looking at the letter Gimmel. Please watch the video below to help you remember the letter and the sound that 'go go gimmel' makes!

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As we grow

Hello again Reception children, parents and carers. I can't believe another week has gone. This week we've been thinking about how humans grow and what wonderful things we learn to do along the way. Many of the children expressed how they look forward to walking to secondary school, driving a car and having a job as an adult. We also thought a...

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Celebrating Sukkot - A Time for Rejoicing

Simcha, joy, is a mitzvah from the Torah. Sukkot is know as 'zman simchateinu' - a time of our rejoicing. Some might be wondering, how can Hashem ask us for 'joy on demand', especially at such a time when many are concerned or anxious about Covid19? Joy is like a internal spark of inner sunshine that shines out when we give it r...

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Good morning Reception children, parents and carers.   Today your child will bring home a exercise book for you to use for completing homework task when appropriate.  Inside you will see your child's first set of targets which we are working on at school.  This book should not come back to school.  You can photograph p...

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