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Parents termly letter - Year Three - Summer 2022

Useful information for Year Three parents, as we begin the Summer term .  .  .    Download PDF File Here

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Chanukah - lighting four candles

 On Wednesday 1st December 2021, we came together as a school to welcome in the fourth night of Chanukah. We lit four candles on the chanukiah, and were entertained by songs from Y3 and Y4.

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Year 3 - Working together to beat the bullies

​Last week in Year 3, we looked at why people bully others. As part of our learning, we watched two short, animated films. The first one was called The Birds, where a larger, more unusual bird tries to make friends with a group who clearly think he is weird and don't want anything to do with him. After he tries to make friends with them, they ...

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Chanukah - lighting two candles

On Monday 29th November 2021, we came together as a school to welcome in the second night of Chanukah. We lit two candles on the chanukiah, and were entertained by songs from Y1 and Y2.

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Free fun activities this summer

Teamworks Karting is proud to support Birmingham Children's Trust this Summer with a spectacular series of FREE events every weekday morning 9.00-12.30pm, 2nd-27th August .Please see the flyer below for details of this exciting opportunity open to all King David children, while priority will be given to families whose lives have been disrupted and ...

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Goodbye Year 2!

Today was a very emotional day for Year 2. We have lots of memories including pirate day, World Book Day and remote learning. We have all worked really hard and looking forward to a safe and restful holiday. Remember to keep safe in the sun! HAVE A WONDERFUL SUMMER HOLIDAY! From Year 2 , Miss Hussain and Mrs Posaner :) 

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Measuring in Metres …

This week in Maths,  we started out new topic MEASURE! Children worked in groups the measure the distance of the bean bag thrown. How far did you throw your bean bag? True or False 100 cm is equal 10 m  Have a GREAT weekend! Miss Hussain :-) 

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Goodbye Miss Stevenson…

Thank you for being an AMAZING teacher! Year 2 have really enjoyed all the FUN lessons you have taught. Year 2 will really miss you, good luck at your new school. Year 2, Miss Hussain and Mrs Posaner :-)

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Year 2's Poisonous Apples

Today in Year 2 we made poisonous apples linked to our topic of Snow White. Our poisonous apples weren't really poisonous, but were covered in chocolate! After that, we added sprinkles to make it taste really nice. We hope you enjoy our photos. From Year 2, Miss Stevenson, Miss Hussain and Mrs Halter.

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Mirror mirror on the wall - Year 2 D.T. Project

 This week in year 2 we have been making our own mirrors inspired by our Snow White topic.  We researched different types of mirrors and then designed our own for someone we know. Who have you made your mirror for? What were the design criteria for your mirror? Have a lovely weekend! Miss Stevenson and Miss Hussain

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Not too BIG... Not too small...

  Download PDF File Here This week in English, children wrote an information leaflet about 'Dwarfism'. Can you remember the key features of a leaflet? What is 'Dwarfism'? In Maths, we have started to look at fractions. True or False 1\4 is smaller than a 1\2. This week in PE, children explored a range of rolls. What was your favourite role (pe...

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As Snow White took a bite of the lethal apple...

This week in English, children wrote an alternative ending to Snow White. Who saved Snow White in your story? Did your story have a happy ending? In Maths, children created a repeated pattern using a range of shapes. What shapes did you include? This week in PE, children continued developing balance and co-ordination through a range of different ac...

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Snow White...

Another great week! In Maths, children have continued learning about 2D shapes. This week our focus was 'symmetry'. Children used Lego to create their own symmetrical patterns. Can you remember what symmetrical means? What is the opposite of symmetrical? In PE, children have been exploring a range of gymnastic shapes. Can you guess the shape?  ...

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What a great start to our 'NEW' topic Snow White!

In English, children role played the story of Snow White. Can you remember what ebony means? Why did Snow White leave her home? How was she feeling? This week in Science, children worked together to label parts of a plant. Can you remember why the stem is important? Our new topic in Maths is 'shapes'. This week children have been learning all about...

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World Book Day 2021

Yesterday, children around the world celebrated 'World Book Day'. In Year 2, we had lots of FUN activities including book tasting, design front covers and dressing up as your favourite character.  What did you dress up as? Do you have a favourite author? Can you guess the characters? Miss Hussain :-) 

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Fagin on a mission...

​This week it was Year 2's turn in the ICT suite. Children used Microsoft Paint to create their own computer aided picture of Fagin. Which is your favorite? Next week, we will be using our pictures to  create our money bags. Have a GREAT weekend! Miss Hussain  :-) 

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London on FIRE!

This week children created their own FIRE collage using tissue paper. Can you remember which colours we used  to represent fire? Also as part of our art this week, children press printed a picture of a Tudor house.  Can you remember the step of press printing? Continuing with our topic of London, children tested a range of buckets. W...

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Melting Chocolate...

 This week in Science, children have been investigating different types of heat sources. Children were set a challenge by Cadbury's to identify the BEST chocolate for their flying saucers. Can you remember which chocolate melted the fastest? How did we make the investigation a fair test? In English, children have continued writing about Oliver...

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Year 2 Hebrew reading Homework

Group Alef    Download PDF File Here Group Bet   Download PDF File Here Group Gimmel   Download PDF File Here Group Daled   Download PDF File Here Group Hey 1   Download PDF File Here Group Hay 2   Download PDF File Here Group Vav   Download PDF File Here

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Year 2 LK Hebrew Reading Homework

Please read this page carefully    Download PDF File Here

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