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Week 1 Highlights 22.4.20 

Hi Y5,  Summer Term is here! I have been sent some work via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..) which I would like to share with you all. Momo has completed a PowerPoint presentation showing the different types of houses on his road. What an excellent way to represent the data! Also, attached is a Science experiment you ca...

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Being Active

Mr McDermott, from Bishop Challoner, has kindly shared with me his website with some useful ideas and games for keeping active during this difficult time. The link to the website is:   https://www.yourschoolgames.com/sgo/bishop-challoner/   My children and I are going to try 'Socks in a box' and 'catching games' t...

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Holiday Highlights 17.4.20

​I hope you have had a wonderful two weeks off doing lots of cooking and creative work.   Take a look at some of the excellent work I have been sent below...   Shalom has been doing some Art and created an outstanding portrait. Reuben has been doing some Science and learning all about the solar system. Remember if...

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Week 6 Highlights 3.4.20

The end of Week 2 of working/ learning from home has come to an end. I've traded my classroom for my living room... it's time to enjoy the holidays so my work space will return to being my living space...  I hope you all have a fantastic, relaxing holiday; I am looking forward to seeing you soon. I miss ...

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Week 6 Highlights 2.4.20 

I have been sent some work via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..) which I would like to share with you all. Anything you are proud of, whether it be academic or creative work, please send it through- I can't wait to see it! It makes me proud to see that good attitudes towards learning are being continued in your home environments. Keep ...

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 Week 6 Highlights 1.4.20

Just like that... April has arrived! I have just returned from my daily walk… it's amazing what can be discovered when you go outdoors. There is actually a nature reserve in my local area, which I had absolutely no idea about. Being outside in nature really does allow you to think clearly- take the time to enjoy it. I have found some excellent acti...

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Week Highlights 5 27.3.20

Normally at this time in the day we are doing Maths, not this week or next and who knows when things will return to normal. One thing I can be sure of is these uncertain times will not last forever. Year 5… Positive thinking only! I hope you have had a good week working through the packs I have prepared for you. In addition to this, I trust you hav...

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Swimming cancelled - Monday 16th March

Moseley Road Baths have informed us that they have a problem with the pumps. It should be fixed early next week, but there will be no lessons for our Y4 and Y5 classes this Monday (16th March). 

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Y3 to Y6 trip

​Many thanks to the office and teaching staff for putting together a trip for Y3 to Y6 at the last minute, after the Big Bang Science Fair was cancelled. We are sure the children are going to have a great day, out in the fresh air. Ideally they should wear wellies or sturdy waterproof shoes, but old trainers may suffice - just tell them to kee...

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Week 1 Highlights 28.2.20

A huge welcome back after your half term break. This week has flown by! Thank you for supporting you child with their Earth and Beyond Project and ensuring it was in on time. I will be giving the children the chance to share their findings over the next few weeks so we can all learn from each other. Again, thank you for the support during our Y5 Ma...

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Week 5 Highlights 7.2.20

A huge welcome to our trainee teacher Mr Mohammed who will be working in Y5 until the end of term!  Our favourite moments… - In English this week, we completed our very own persuasive letters including all of the key features as well as the relevant SPaG for Y5. Today, the children practised their speaking and listening by reading aloud some o...

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Week 4 Highlights 31.1.20

Our favourite moments…   -In English this week, we started to draft our own persuasive letters about how King David School could be improved. We have debated our top priorities and tried our best to be convincing.   -In Maths, we have been learning about multiplication. We have learned about the area model when multiplying 2-git...

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Week 3 Highlights 24.1.20

The end of week 3 already… this half term is flying by already!   Our favourite moments…   -In English this week, we wrote our very own stories based on Toki from the 'Ride of Passage'. We had to include elements of character description, setting description and dialogue. In addition to this, we had to prove that we co...

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Week 2 Highlights 17.1.20

 A huge thank you to those who were able to attend Parents' Evening, it was a pleasure to give so much positive praise. Year 5 had their class assembly today and it was fantastic! I am immensely proud of their performance and what they were able to achieve in such a short amount of time. The children's costumes were incredible too- t...

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Swimming lessons this term

Year 4 and Year 5 will be having swimming lessons this term, every Monday afternoon, starting tomorrow (Monday 13th January). Children will need a swimming costume and towel, in a waterproof bag. Many children also wear goggles. Any child with long hair will need to wear a swim cap - these can be borrowed at the pool. Boys must have proper swimming...

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​Week 1 Highlights 10.1.20

Welcome back. This week has been very busy indeed- lots of learning taking place and we have only just begun. Our favourite moments… In English this week, we were learning about character description. We had to think carefully about the character's appearance, actions, personality and relationship with others. We analysed the WAGOLL and identified ...

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Doin' the Lambeth walk!

Year 5 have their class assembly in January. For this, the children will need to learn the lyrics to "Doin' the Lambeth walk". Any time you're Lambeth wayAny evening, any dayYou'll find us allDoin' the Lambeth walk Every little Lambeth galWith her little Lambeth palYou'll find 'em allDoin' the Lambeth walk Everything free and easyDo as darn well pl...

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