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Free fun activities this summer

Teamworks Karting is proud to support Birmingham Children's Trust this Summer with a spectacular series of FREE events every weekday morning 9.00-12.30pm, 2nd-27th August .Please see the flyer below for details of this exciting opportunity open to all King David children, while priority will be given to families whose lives have been disrupted and ...

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Les animaux

 This week we have been learning vocabulary about animals in French and practising colours. Les animaux - the animals un animal - an animal un chien - a dog un chat - a cat un oiseau - a bird une tortue - a turtle/tortoise un serpent - a snake un poisson - a fish un lapin - a rabbit un cochon d'Inde - a guinea pig un hamster - a hamster un léz...

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Les couleurs

This week in French lessons we learned the colours. Learn more at this site: https://www.languageguide.org/french/vocabulary/colors/

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"Les nombres" in French

This week we have learned the numbers from 0 to 12. Check out the link below to a song, to help you practise the correct pronunciation. Les nombres zéro un deux trois quatre cinq six sept huit neuf dix onze douze https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsc3qLMaCu8 

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French vocabulary - Greetings

 Year 6 have had their first French lesson, learning how to greet someone and ask their name. Here is the vocabulary: Oui = YesNon = NoBonjour = HelloSalut = HelloBonsoir = Good eveningBonne nuit = GoodnightAu revoir = Goodbyeà bientôt = See you soon Ça va? = You OK?Ça va. = I'm OK.Comment ça va? = How are you?Ça va bien. = I am well.Ça v...

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Helping Your Child Build Self-Belief

​Recently I read a book by a well known  American psychologist who did extensive research on the mental and emotional wellbeing of children. Based on his own unhappy childhood experiences, he realised that anxiety, low mood and ongoing pressures stood as barriers to his learning. It makes perfect sense that a child who is continuously wor...

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Clothes phrases (Year 6)

,​שלום כיתה ו In Ivrit lesson we learnt how to create short phrases using the correct structure. Use the learning aids to revise it at home. Use the vocabulary support  create your own phrases. Which other adjectives could you use other than colours? Does the noun come before the adjective in Ivrit? Is there ...

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Year 6 LK Turn Composers - The Creation Song

​The bursting joy of learning about Hashem's beautiful world, led Year 6 Limudei Kodesh pupils to open the fountains of creativity and compose a song about the days of creation which is in this week's potion of the week.  What a fun lesson we had! So much Jewish learning as well as  cross curricular work, as children thought about rh...

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Homework - 16.10.2020

Good afternoon Year Six, Another fantastic week's work in Year Six has been completed. Your writing is really improving now you are thinking more carefully about the expectations of a being a Year Six writer. I have really enjoyed reading your work and looking back on how much progress you have made since March. Well done! Here is this week's homew...

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Story of the Portion of the Week - Creation

Enjoy one of the most fascinating parshiot in the Torah - Learn  how we are all truly one family!!    Download PDF File Here

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Year 6 LK Hebrew Reading Homework

Group Alef    Download PDF File Here Group Bet - Page 53: lines 8-12; page 54 - all   Download PDF File Here   Download PDF File Here Group Gimmel - Please make sure you use a timer  and time yourself at least twice for each column   Download PDF File Here Group daled   Download PDF File Here Group Hey   Down...

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Year 6 Hebrew Homework

Shalom Yeladim, We had a fantastic lesson last week and I am very pleased with the effort and enthusiasm you are showing in class. I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the parents and cares who are supporting their child learning Hebrew. The Hebrew letters can be found in your planner page 15 and I have also attached a video to su...

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Homework - 09.10.2020

Good afternoon Year Six, Here is this week's homework. As it is Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah this weekend, I have provided a lighter load than normal to allow you time to enjoy this special time of year. Spellings I have attached the handwriting sheet we complete in the classroom. For each word, you need to copy the word in your neatest c...

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Year 6 LK Hebrew Reading Homework

​Here is the homework for the next two weeks. Please find the homework that is right for your group, as discussed in lesson Week 1: Week of the 4th October Week 2: Week of the 11th October Group Alef:  Week 1:Read bottom part of page kuf gimmel plus page kuf daled Week 2: Read page Kuf hey   Download PDF File Here   Download PDF File...

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TESSE - Thank you for participating

Yesterday the children in Y3 and Y6 were able again to take part in the TESSE evaluation of Speak Out Stay Safe. This will help guide programmes in the future to help children stay safe. Please see below a letter from the researchers, thanking families for their participation.    Download PDF File Here

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Homework - 02.10.2020

 Good afternoon Year Six, Your first month in Year Six has passed and what an eventful one it has been. I can not tell you how much I have enjoyed having you back in school this week. I really did miss you and the wonderful conversations we have. You continue to impress me with the quality of your work and your eagerness to learn. Yo...

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TESSE research project - part 2

Children in Y2 and Y5 last year (this year's Y3 and Y6) took part in a survey called the TESSE study. Please see a letter below from the organisers, who will be repeating the survey next Tuesday (6th October) as part of the research.     Download PDF File Here   Download PDF File Here

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Celebrating Sukkot - A Time for Rejoicing

Simcha, joy, is a mitzvah from the Torah. Sukkot is know as 'zman simchateinu' - a time of our rejoicing. Some might be wondering, how can Hashem ask us for 'joy on demand', especially at such a time when many are concerned or anxious about Covid19? Joy is like a internal spark of inner sunshine that shines out when we give it r...

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Hebrew Reading Homework (Year 6)

 Shalom Yeladim, You are working very hard to improve your Hebrew reading and I am very pleased to say I can already see good progress so please keep it up! The Hebrew letters can be found in your planner page 15 and I have attached a video to help you with the vowels. Extension task - To increase your fluency try and use a stop watc...

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Time to share 25.09.2020

​Good morning Year Six, Here we are at the end of another week and almost at the end of September. I am so looking forward to seeing you all back in school next week as it has been so very quiet here without you. It has been lovely talking to you and your family and hearing what you have been doing. You have blown me away with the dedication you ha...

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