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Mazal Tov to King Charles III !!

What an honour it is to be  living  in Britain during the time of the coronation of King Charles III. King Charles is respectful of  belief and faith, all faiths. The Torah acknowledges the merit that it is to see a monarch.  Jewish law requires that a person should say a bracha upon seeing a king or queen. The bracha is&nb...

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Pesach is almost here!

 Pesach celebrates our freedom from Egyptian slavery. Hashem took us out of Egypt, from slavery to freedom, showing great miracles. In lessons we have been discussing what is slavery and is there such a thing as modern day slavery? Here are some comments from the children in the Upper Phase: "Some people are slaves to the internet" "Money. Peo...

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Religious Education - intent, implementation and impact statement

The Religious Education curriculum at King David School - what are our aims, how do we seek to achieve them, and how do we measure our success?    Download PDF File Here

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Modern foreign languages - intent, implementation and impact statement

The Modern Foreign Languages curriculum at King David School - what are our aims, how do we seek to achieve them, and how do we measure our success? .   Download PDF File Here

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King David Joins Shabbat UK

Shabbat UK is here! What a fun week this has been at school!! We have learned about Shabbat, made havdalah candles, and have had special activities and learning about Shabbat in all classes. A real treat has been to watch together the ShabbatUK 2022 video featuring our very own Year 6 singing amongst other school. As our school came up (four times ...

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Happy Birthday Israel!!

What a delight to welcome the children back to school. There is a buzzing atmosphere in the air and so many great things to look forward during this term. This Wednesday night and Thursday is Yom Haatzmaut!! At school, everyone will be wearing blue and white! Please remember to bring £1 for the non-uniform day!! What we collect will be donated to h...

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Purim is going Topsy-Turvy!!!

Dear Children, Purim is in 2 weeks from today!!! The Friday of our first week back after half-term will be a memorable day, with all the fun of Purim, even if we are celebrating the day online!! Oh my!!! It is Topsy-Turvy Purim on February 26th. We are all going topsy-turvy!!! The children will be dressing topsy-turvy and even lunch will be topsy-t...

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Happy Birthday to the Trees

The almond tree is blooming... Hey! It is Tu B'Shbat today! Tu B'Shvat  is the new year for the trees, the time when Hashem renews his blessing to trees and nature.  As I sit at my computer, I take a moment to look out my window and notice the trees and their beauty. There is such strong message of peace and wellbeing that emanates from t...

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Lessons from a Righteous Man - Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks z"tl

 On Shabbat morning, 7th November 2020, the 20th Chashvan,  one of Hashem's most lofty emissaries returned his soul to his master. Chief Rabbi emeritus, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks dedicated his life to promoting education, peace and understanding amongst people of all religions. Many have joined the Jewish community in their grie...

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Year 5 LK Hebrew Reading Homework

Enter your text here ...   Download PDF File Here

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Year 2 Hebrew reading Homework

Group Alef    Download PDF File Here Group Bet   Download PDF File Here Group Gimmel   Download PDF File Here Group Daled   Download PDF File Here Group Hey 1   Download PDF File Here Group Hay 2   Download PDF File Here Group Vav   Download PDF File Here

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Year 1 Hebrew Reading Homework

Please make sure you listen to your child reading the page. They have read this with me (Mrs Cohen) in class so the homework is a revision of what we have done. Make sure to send me a message in the planner to tell me that the work has been done. Your child will get a star. Five stars add to a prize! Group Alef    Download PDF File Here G...

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Story of the Parsha - Avraham

This week at school we have been learning about how to give support to people that are sick or lonely during such time when we cannot mix bubbles. This concept come from our story of the parsha where Hashem himself goes to visit Avraham. Can you think of creative ways to help someone who is not well, even if you cannot go and visit them?  &nbs...

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Year 3 LK Hebrew Reading Homework

 Group Alef   Download PDF File Here  Group Bet   Download PDF File Here Group Gimmel - Work on accuracy   Download PDF File Here Group Daled   Download PDF File Here Group Hey   Download PDF File Here

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Year 2 LK Hebrew Reading Homework

Please read this page carefully    Download PDF File Here

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Year 1 Hebrew Reading Homework

Dear Parents, In your child's planner, you should now have a reference to which group you need to look out for to find your child's Hebrew reading homework. Please look for the work corresponding to your child's group and ensure that they do their work by each Monday and sign their planner. Work that is assigned to your child has been read in class...

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Helping Your Child Build Self-Belief

​Recently I read a book by a well known  American psychologist who did extensive research on the mental and emotional wellbeing of children. Based on his own unhappy childhood experiences, he realised that anxiety, low mood and ongoing pressures stood as barriers to his learning. It makes perfect sense that a child who is continuously wor...

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Year 2 Hebrew Reading Work - part 2

 Dear Parents, On investigation, it seems to me that while some pupils were able to access last week, others couldn't. I have re-blogged last weeks work and will now add this week's work. Most children read beautifully in class today. Every child is assessed and hear reading almost every Friday. I am mightily proud of the class and I a, g...

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Year 1 LK Hebrew Reading Homework

Group Alef    Download PDF File Here   Download PDF File Here   Download PDF File Here Group Bet   Download PDF File Here Group Gimmel   Download PDF File Here   Download PDF File Here

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Year 2 Hebrew Reading Homework

Dear Parents, Please note, this is last week's homework which was blogged on the 16th October (last Friday) but was not easily found. I am re-blogging this and will post this weeks work as well.  Message from last week: Dear Parents, Many children did not bring their planner signed to say that they have done their Hebrew homework. Hebrew is th...

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