Back to work Year One

Hi Year One children and carers,  

I hope you've had a lovely rest. Mr Mann and I have enjoyed our daily walks with Flash. She loves rolling around in the grass and loves barking at the cats and pigeons. [naughty girl]   

Well we should be back at school today, but instead we are all working away at home again. 

I looked at the plans for this term and have found some ideas for you to do.  

Our topics are gardening and How people lived long ago.  
I thought you could look at an aspect of long ago and choose something that you and your adult will find interesting.  
Examples: transport, schools, washing and water, toys, clothing, communication.  

Gardening is an issue for some of you who I know live in flats. Perhaps you could grow a seed in a plastic pot or make a Humpty Dumpty in an egg with cress seeds. 
I'd love to see whatever work you do. Just send it by email to 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A fantastic site to look at is:  

There are 3 lessons each day on different areas of the curriculum aimed at each of the year groups - it looks really good.  

Also don't forget Twinkl who have some great home learning activities and Oxford Owl. user name kdyr1 password mrsmann. great books and matching activities - just put your first name  and your initial sound for your surname esp the Maryams.  

Maths for this term is a focus on 'problem solving'. Make up little maths quizzes for your child or adult to do.  

Finally Flash says learn a song about dogs.  

Try You Tube     my dog- sing up   

Keep happy and safe.  

I hope we will soon be back in school.  

Love Mrs Mann and Flash x​

​Keep on shining!
Welcome Back Year Six!


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Friday, 04 December 2020