Are you ready for P.E?

Hello Children

After another fantastic week we are so excited to have you all with us full time from Monday.  

Also on Monday is your first P.E lesson.  You will be expected to get yourself changed in short space of time.  Are you ready?  Is your uniform labelled? Is your P.E kit in school yet? Do your pumps fit?

Parents and Carers please support your child by encouraging them to dress and undress themselves.  We also suggest you practice changing in addition to mornings and evenings as a game/task.  You could introduce a timer and try to beat your previous time.  The quicker the children are able to change the more time we have for learning and physical activity.  We are of course here to help best we can those who require it.

Have a wonderful weekend.  Get some rest so you are ready for a busy full week in Reception.

Shabbat Shallom

Mrs Walker and Mrs Hensman

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Monday, 08 March 2021