An Important Lesson from Lion King about Life and Reflection

 This week at school we have been learning about the spiritual and physical preparations for Rosh Hashanah (The Jewish New Year). Being reflective, making amends and using our potential are key to these preparations.

Please watch the video below and enjoy the deep-thinking reflection of some of our Year 6 pupils

Here are some of the comments from Year 6 pupils:

Pupil Alef said: 2 I think this video links with the month of Elul as it teaches you to make sure you make and leave an everlasting positive impression on others and the whole world

Pupil Bet said: "I learned that what you do in the past doesn't stay in the past. By this I mean that past wrong choices can affect the future but you can change the future by learning the lessons from the past. This affect my life because it made me realise that all of the mistakes I have made can be fixed"

Pupil Gimmel said: "The roar of the Lion King remind me of the shofar. Just like lion's roar awaken the animal kingdom to do the right thing, the shofar awaken a person to think about their action and make the right choices. 

Pupil Daled said: "I know doing bad is wrong but this video has taught me that by recalling your past you can change you furniture

Pupil Hey: "The video helped me realise how what we learned linkes to our everyday life. I understood the different levels of teshuvah (repentance)and how the past makes a big impact in our lives"

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Tuesday, 20 October 2020