We have had so much fun this week.  Mrs Hensman tells me the children were fantastic on Monday.  We are especially impressed by how sensibly and quickly they got changed for P.E. 

Although tired the children have completed their first full week in Reception. Most coming in with smiles on their faces and ALL quickly settling down for their day once inside.  They are a very happy group and clearly relish the chance to play alongside others and construct and play together without squabbles or snatching.  They have already picked up our daily routine and  are showing greater independence looking after their belongings and getting equipment from their trays.  We still have a lot of jumpers and cardigans without names  in so please double check your child's clothes again.  

As well as daily phonics and matching work in Maths, this week has all been about apples.  We have looked at the life cycle of the apple tree, enjoyed colouring and painting apple trees and best of all got to help pick apples from the trees in our forest school area.  Today the whole school will taste our apples dipped in honey during our Rosh Hassanah Kiddish.  

We wish you a happy and sweet new year

From all the Reception Team

 In phonics this week we spent time learning to say and write the following letters correctly.  We refer to them as sounds and do not use letter names at this time.

m      writing rhyme: Maisy mountain mountain            (stretch mmm not M'uh')

a       writing rhyme: round the apple, down the leaf     (bounce a a a a)

s       writing rhyme: slither down the snake     (stretch sssssssss  not s'uh')

 In Maths our focus has been matching and using vocabulary to compare items such as same, different, matching, size, patten, colour and pair. Below is a nice seasonal activity if you have time over the weekend.