The wider reopening of schools

Yesterday the Governing Body approved plans to welcome back some year groups after half-term, if the Government's five key targets for Stage Two of opening up the country from lockdown are met.It was agreed that from Wednesday 3rd June, Reception, Year One and Year Six will come back full-time. The Nursery class will be divided into two g...
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Let's Share!

Hello Year 2,This week you have all been working really hard. It is great to see so many pictures. Well done to everyone! It's nice to see that you are having lots of FUN learning at home! Keep it up Year 2!There will not be any work set or any blogs posted over the half term week. Eid Mubarak to all the families celebrating Eid this weekend. Enjoy...
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Enjoy your half term break

Hi there Year Three. I am looking forward to spending some time over half term taking care of my vegetables and plants (it's not quite the same as looking after all of you but it will have to do for now)  so I'm hoping that this lovely weather lasts! You can see from my photograph that my first courgette is beginning to appear. If yo...
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Week Five - Time to Share!

Good morning Year Six,I do hope you have had a good week and have enjoyed some of the tasks I have set. I just love the room decoration Amy made earlier this week. Using strips of paper, she has created rainbow hearts. How clever!I was sent these fabulous photos last Friday to share with you all. I have been assured that the family do have shu...
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Year 1 Celebration of a Superb Week's Work - You've definitely been feeling the FORCE!

  Download PDF File Here What a busy week you little year 1 bees have been having. I am so impressed with your learning this week. Science, maths, English and History with Design and Technology and Art skills all linked together to show your understanding of the world around us. Instead of putting captions on your work this week, I am going to...
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I have some wonderful work to share...

Good morning everyone, It is Friday which means I can share all the wonderful pictures I have received this week. I am so impressed with the work you have completed and after speaking to many of you on the phone this week it is clear that you are enjoying completing the work which is being set. Please do remember that it is half term next week so t...
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Weekly Highlights 22.5.20 

 Hi Y5,This week I have been making phone calls and had the chance to catch up with you and your families. It has been a pleasure to hear your voices and listen to how you have been spending your time. I am also so pleased that so many of you are completing the work I have been setting on the blogs. Do feel free to take a p...
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Well done Nursery

Dear Nursery,Next week is half term therefore there will be no further blogs until we return to school. School will only be open to the existing key worker children on Monday 1st June and Tuesday 2nd June so we can implement all the changes needed in order to reopen the school safely to Nursery, Reception, Year One and Year Six. The phased return w...
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Sharing your work!

Good Morning and welcome to Reception's Friday blog.Before we share some of this week's work we just wanted to remind you that next week will be half term and Monday 1st -Tuesday 2nd June will be extra INSET days, allowing the school to implement policies to make the return of N, R, Y1 and Y6 as safe as possible. The next Reception Blog will be on ...
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Mrs Halter’s Cooking Corner

​Next week will be Shavuot  and as you know we eat milky food. So I thought I would send you a very easy cheese cake recipe for you to make.Learn how to make your own fruit cheesecake.You will need 2 digestive biscuits 125g cream cheese 1 tsp vanilla extract 20g melted butter (ask a grown-up to melt this for you) Slices of ...
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Story of the Portion of the Week

 This week we will be starting the reading of a new book in the Torah - the book of Bamidbar. Bamidbar is the fourth book in the Torah. It tells us about the journeys of the Jewish people when they were travelling through the desert. The journey started when Hashem took the Jewish people out of Egypt and ended when they got to Israel. Do you k...
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We need more of your School Planner 2020-21 Entries

  Download PDF File Here   Download PDF File Here   Download PDF File Here  Get creative and get your entries in. Look at Alen's rocket masterpiece and Emaan's NHS rainbow artwork. I haven't set a closing date yet for the competition. So, children and adults, get your art materials and ... ready, steady, draw, paint or use colla...
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Educational Psychology Support for all

 Some families at school have benefitted from the support of our educational psychologist, Louise Oland. The South Birmingham team are opening up their services to all families who may need their support in these difficult times. You do not have to have received their support through the school before to ask for support or advice. If you ...
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Covid 19 Financial Support

Dear families,Times can be hard for all and even harder for some at this time of lockdown, workers being furloughed and families all confined in the one place. There is help available as you can see. If you think you need this extra help, there are numbers below to ring or contact using email addresses.If you need extra help, you can email or ring ...
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Assembly guidelines

  Download PDF File Here
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