Happy holidays

We wish everyone a happy, safe and restful summer break. Good luck, our Y6 graduates - keep in touch and make us proud! Everyone else - see you in September! 
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Goodbye Year Six!

Hi Year Six,I have made a short video to say goodbye as we have reached the last day of the school year and your time at King David. However, I wanted to share one last photo with you. On Sunday, Damian and I went to Beacon Hill, at the Lickey Hills, for a couple of hours together away from wedding planning, house moves and our jobs. I couldn'...
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Goodbye Reception!

 Dear Reception,It has been the strangest year in school either of us have ever had and this is not the way we would have expected or wanted to say goodbye.We want to let you know that we have missed you and we are so incredibly proud of you all. It has been lovely seeing your work and fun at home via emails and have enjoyed spending time...
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Farewell Year 4...

A special message to our Year 4 - soon to be Year 5! I hope you have a wonderful summer holiday and I look forward to seeing you around school in September- farewell Year 4!Mrs Hind
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Bye Year 2

​Hello Year 2,This is our last EVER blog! Well done everyone! You have remained positive during this very difficult time. I have really enjoyed sharing your home learning experiences. You have produced OUTSTANDING work!When you return to school after the summer holidays, you will enter your new classroom (Y3) which is upstairs.I have really enjoyed...
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Goodbye Year Three

A special message to our Year Three - soon to be Year Four! 
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Farewell and good luck, Year One!

Dear Year One,  I hope you are all happy, healthy and being really well behaved for your adults. What a funny year it has been!! In September you all came to Year One either excited or a bit worried - that included me. I soon realised what an exceptional year group you are. We've had lots of fun and lots of hard work. The class&...
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Goodbye Y5 :'(

 Hello Y5, it's Mrs Webley here!I hope you and your families are safe and well. Although our year in the classroom was cut short abruptly, it has been lovely to see the work and fun you have been doing at home with your families. Thank you to all of you and your parents who have regularly sent your work via the Y5 email. Seeing the work you pr...
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Goodbye Nursery

Dear Nursery,This year has flown by but has been a different year for us all. We have missed welcoming most of you into Nursery since lockdown but we are looking forward to seeing you, in your new uniforms, in September. In September, we are hoping to continue to have an Early Years unit on a Friday so we can watch you all grow and develop. We...
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I Know My Alef Bet

​We am most impressed how well children have progressed and remembered their Hebrew reading! When you miss us over the summer, come back to this blog and sing along with our Alef Bet song and have a go at some reading!! we look forward to hearing all about it when we are back in September!   Download PDF File Here   Downloa...
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Keeping Up with the Parsha During the Summer

I am sure all of you are looking forward to the summer break!! Like many things, learning id fun throughout the year! I have a few books waiting for my summer holidays to begin!! Keeping up with the parsha will give you an insight to the very last book of the Torah, the book of Devarim! Below are many of the parshiot for the summer weeks. Read them...
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To our Year 6 - You Can Be Anything You Want to Be

Wishing you all the best for your life journeys 
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It's the summer holiday!

Shalom Yeladim,This is my last blog for this year.  Please enjoy a variety of activities related to summer (Kayitz) in Ivrit.I am incredibly excited to see you all again in September and I hope you are too. Have a fantastic summer!Mrs Hensman   Download PDF File Here   Download PDF File Here
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It's the summer holiday!

Shalom Yeladim,This is my last blog for this year. Enjoy the variety of activities related to summer (Kayitz) in Ivrit. Do you like Sudoko? How about find your way out of the trail by placing the letters in alphabetical order? Can you do it by memory?  I am incredibly excited to see you all again in September and I hope you are too. Have a fan...
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 Hello!My name is Miss Hussain and I will be your new teacher in September. Mrs Ahmad and Mrs Posaner will also be working with you in Year 2. I am very excited to meet you all and learn all about you. Transition tasks…To help me to get to know you a little bit better in September, complete the following tasks: All about me fact file- What's y...
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