Maths Learning at Home

Hello Children, Parents and Carers,I have been in touch with a few families who have asked for a little more help with the teaching of Mathematics.In school, we use a scheme provided by White Rose. They have very helpfully set up a brand new website, accessible to all, to help you with your learning. Best of all, it is absolutely free!https://...
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Learning is Fun

With the festival of Pesach starting on Wednesday evening, 8th April, please find some resources below to help you learn about the festival. There is a range of activities you might want to choose from. Remember to send photos of the things you do!LEARNING IS FUN   JIBites -
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We are in this together

After a week of working from home, home schooling my preschooler and caring for my baby, I am sharing with you all the challenge of this time.  I have concluded they following:We can only do our bestIf our children's physical and mental needs are being met we are doing great. Teaching our own children is hard work. &nb...
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A maths challenge for you

Build a Tower Race Game You will need: 20 Duplo Bricks or other building blocks. A die or make a spinner, or ask someone to find a Dice-roll app on their phone or tablet.Someone to play with.Remember to count carefully.Look at the photos to see how to play. Have fun! ​Please send me your photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. H...
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Week Two - How is it going Year 3?

It has been lovely to hear from some of you during the last few days, good to know you are all working hard and keeping up with your learning. White Rose Maths have daily tasks and lessons to help you keep up and carry on with what we were learning in school. You should recognise things like the Flashback Four and the activity sheets. You coul...
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Resource for Keeping Children Motivated and Managing Behaviour

​Keeping the children motivated and managing their behaviour can be particularly difficult during social isolation. The truth is that we all need to keep motivated during these times. Using tokens economy and reward cards to enthuse, motivate and manage children's behaviour was one of the key techniques which all teach...
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Hi Year One 31.3.20

Hi year One,  I hope you are all well and happy. This is second week that your adults have changed place with me. I'm sure you are all doing your school work or at least something educational. I've sent this picture  of a hopscotch for you to copy in your garden or on kitchen tiles. etc. I know you all know how to play hopscotch beca...
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Celebrating our Children's Work

​Dear Children,King David is so proud of you and all the effort you are putting into continuing to learn and review what you already know, Here are some of the work we received.
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Instructions for Ivritbeclick website

File Name: Instructions-for-IvritBeclick-website File Size: 116 kb Download File Enter your text here ...
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Mrs Posaner’s Craft Corner

Hello Mrs Posaner here. I hope you are all staying safe and well. Here is an art activity you can do at home.I’m sure you all remember the plague of frogs in the Passover story - now you can make one of your own.You will needPaper platePaint or coloursExtra paper for tongue and eyesGlueWhat to doColour one side of your plate green and the other sid...
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Getting Ready for Pesach Through Songs

​The countdown toward the festival of Pesach has now begun! The first Seder falls on Wednesday 8th April which is the eve of the 15th Nissan. There is so much we can learn from this festival and so much fun to be had that I would not like you to miss out on this. In this block you will find links to some of our favourite songs and links to activiti...
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week 2

Hi reception.  Well if last week was all about spring then this week is all about water.       I thought we could do some experiments? Using the washing up bowl or the bath can you find 3 things that float and 3 things that sink? Ask your adults what material they are made of.  If you want to you could m...
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Short bursts and lots of fun.

I have received an email asking for some advice on how to maintain their concentration and keep their child motivated.Each family is different and you will all find a way to maintain focus and create the magic of learning. In Nursery, we have three, short 15 minute, carpet sessions, in small groups. During this time we learn a new sound (or re...
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Home learning opportunities or learning Ivrit.

​Shalom Yeladim,You have been working hard during our weekly lessons and can keep your level of Ivrit by practicing it at home. We start most of out lessons with a song so please find below songs that we have learnt in previous lessons as well as new ones for you to enjoy. keep learning and have fun.Mrs Hensman Enter your text here ... Fi...
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Welcoming Week 2 of Homeschooling

 Dear Parents,   As we are about to start Week 2 of home schooling, I wanted to remind you that you are not alone. Many of you might be looking forward to the week ahead, while many will feel they are swinging between anxiety, dread and panic. All it means is that you are human and trying your best. Here are a few...
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