The School Staff

Please see below a list of the current school staff and their responsibilities:

Leadership Team
Mr S Langford - Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Lead Teacher for Looked After Children, Computing Co-ordinator
Mrs F Owen - Deputy Headteacher, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, SENCo, Academically More Able provision teacher and co-ordinator, Assessment Co-ordinator, Science Co-ordinator

Early Years Foundation Stage
Mrs S Poole - Nursery teacher, Early Years Team Leader, PE Co-ordinator
Mrs D Byrne - Nursery teaching assistant
Miss S Holland - Nursery teaching assistant
Mrs K Walker - Reception teacher, Co-ordinator of Outdoor Early Years Learning, PSCHE Co-ordinator
Mrs S Davis - Reception teaching assistant, Stay & Play facilitator, RE support
Mrs G Boora - Reception teaching assistant

Middle Phase
Miss R Scott - Year One teacher, Geography Co-ordinator
Mrs S Rashid - Year One teaching assistant, EAL (English as an Additional Language) support, Senior Librarian
Miss A Hussain - Year Two teacher, Technology Co-ordinator
Mrs C Nash - Year Three teacher, Middle Phase Team Leader, Literacy Co-ordinator, Art Co-ordinator
Mrs A Ahmad - Year Two and Year Three teaching assistant
Miss S Alvi - Year Two teaching assistant

Upper Phase
Mrs H Hind - Year Four teacher, History Co-ordinator, Acting Upper Phase Team Leader
Mrs S Shaheen - Year Five teacher
Mrs A Webley - Year Six teacher, Music Co-ordinator, School Council facilitator
Mrs H Smyth - Currently on maternity leave, Upper Phase Team Leader, Maths Co-ordinator
Mrs H Begum - Upper Phase teaching assistant
Mrs I Posaner - Year Four learning interventions teaching assistant

Jewish Studies and Ivrit
Rabbi Y Jacobs - Director of Jewish Education
Mrs E Cohen - Limudei Kodesh teacher, Head of Religious Education
Mrs J Halter - Jewish Studies teacher, RE and Ivrit support, Cookery teacher
Mrs E Lesser - Jewish Studies teacher
Mrs I Posaner - Jewish Studies support
Mrs S Davis - Jewish Studies support
Mrs K Hensman - Ivrit (Modern Hebrew) and Hebrew Reading teacher

Special Educational Needs
Mrs F Owen - SENCo (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator)

Support Staff
Mrs S Lester - Office Manager
Mrs V Holloway - Clerical assistant
Mr J Rawson - Building Services Manager
Mrs L Wye - Head Cook