The Governing Board

The Governors represent Birmingham Hebrew Congregation, the Community, the parents, Birmingham Education Authority and the school staff. They have responsibility for the strategic direction of the school. They meet at least once per term, but committees meet more regularly as demand requires.

Foundation governors (appointed by BHC)
Mrs S Bryant - Chair of Governors, Chair of Staffing and Wellbeing Committee
Mr S Bushell -
Vice Chair of Finance and Buildings Committee
Mr R Hockley - Chair of Finance and Buildings Committee
Mrs T Klinger
Mrs E Sharma - Link Governor for Academically More Able provision, Link Governor for Special Educational Needs, Link Training Governor
Mrs I Hasan

Elected parent governors
Miss J Brooks

Mr K Rowberry - Vice Chair of Governors, Chair of Curriculum Committee, Link Governor for Training, 
Link Governor for Pupil Premium provision

Local Authority governor
Chief Superintendent M Shaer

Elected staff governor
Miss H Kynaston

Ex officio governors
Rabbi Y Jacobs - Director of Jewish Education, Link Governor for Safeguarding
Mr S Langford - Headteacher

Associate members
Mr G Clements (Finance and Buildings Committee)
Mrs F Owen (Curriculum Committee and Governing Board)

Clerk to the Governing Board
Mrs S Wainwright


Declarations of pecuniary interests, etc:
Mrs Bryant is a director of Teamworks Karting

Governing Board committees
The Governing Board meets at least once a term. There are three committees, which also meet approximately once a term. These are the Finance and Buildings Committee; the Staffing and Wellbeing Committee; and the Curriculum Committee. Membership of each committee is as follows:

Finance and Buildings: Mr Hockley (Chair), Mr Bushell (Vice Chair), Mr Langford, Mr Clements, Mrs Klinger
Staffing and Wellbeing: Mrs Bryant (Chair), Mr Bushell, Chief Supt Shaer, Rabbi Jacobs, Miss Kynaston, Mr Langford
Curriculum: Mr Rowberry (Chair), Mrs Owen, Miss Kynaston, Miss Brooks, Mrs Sharma, Mrs Hasan